Sundays at 7pm

…after the service from time to time, we explore what it looks like to see the world through Christian eyes.

‘Swathe me in fine linen, clothe me with robes of blue and white, put a crown on my head’- Christine Checinska (an academic, fashion designer, and friend of GCH) looks at a counter-cultural meaning of style- Sunday 19 February.

‘Is Christianity good news for animals?‘ Darryl Booth- founder of Sarx  (formerly member and still a friend of GCH)  – talks about engaging theologically and practically with animal issues, while living the Christian life. Sunday 25 June.


Film lectures

We host regular film lectures in local bars or clubs on films which interact in some way with Christianity. There is normally a 45 minute lecture including film clips and discussion afterwards. Previous film lectures have included Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Exorcist, Fight Club, The Sacrifice, No Country for Old Men and Shutter Island.

…more soon